How to Insert an Image to Revit Model

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I was asked in the Revit Forums about inserting images into a Revit Model.  It is a very simple task but Revit supports only few common image files such as JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIF files and it makes it difficult if you have an image that isn't the same as images I mentioned above.  You will be out of luck if you have a JPG 2000 or an Adobe Photoshop PSD file.  But, remember, you can convert any kind of image file to JPG, PNG, TIF, and BMP files, which are supported by Revit.  The best but the most expensive solution would be Adobe Photoshop CS5.  There are many free applications which you could download and use instead of Adobe Photoshop.  One of them would be CinePaint.  CinePaint does a good job and you can convert your image files also to be able to insert them to your Revit project file.  The best part is that CinePaint is free.

Now, let us to get back to our short tutorial to see how we can insert an image to a Revit model.

  1. Click on “Insert” Tab on the Revit Menu
  2. Click on “Image” button
  3. A new dialog window opens, asking you to select the image file that you want to insert.
  4. Navigate to the folder where the image is located.
  5. Select the image file and click on “Open”
  6. Click on the screen and place the image
  7. Done

See below the screen shot which show how to insert an image to a Revit project.

Revit gives you only few dynamic parameters such as Width and Height to be able to modify the size of the image.  I personally miss a very important tool in Revit to modifying the inserted images.  Even Microsoft Word has that tool for the inserted images.  You know by now what tool I am talking about.  Yes, you are right.  I mean “Cropping” tool.  The world is never perfect and my images don’t have the right dimensions either.  It means, Revit should provide the cropping tool for Images to make it easy for all Revit users to size the inserted images with the cropping tool.  We hope the Revit 2013 provides this tool.

I hope I could answer to the question I got in Revit Forums about how to insert an image to a Revit Project.  Please, feel free to share your thought and suggestions below.  You might know how to crop an image in Revit and you like to share it with us.

Take care.
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