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Revit Tutorial Series – Revit Workflow and User Interface RUI – Part 01

Welcome to Revit Clinic. In this lesson you will learn how to get started in Revit. In Revit the most majority of work is happening in a 2D platform. Instead of drawing things such as walls and doors, you just place 3D objects and components into the model. This is the logical process creating your model in Revit. If you need to see your model in the third dimension you just open the 3D view.


Introduction to Revit Tutorials at Revit Clinic

Welcome to Revit Clinic Basic Tutorial Series. These Revit tutorials are based on the latest version of Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013. I refer to older version Revit Architecture 2012 in my tutorials, but don’t hesitate to ask me questions in the forum if I am not covering the version which you are using on your PC or Mac.


Basic Revit Tutorials Series - Part 1 - What are Revit and BIM?

What is Revit?  What is BIM?  These are the first questions for people who just started to lean Revit.  This is my first Revit tutorial for the beginners who are trying to learn Revit.  I have been practicing as an architect since 1999. Like all architect and CAD technicians, I have seen so many different CAD software in my professional work life.  There are applications which we might hate and some we really love. Revit Architecture 2013 is the newest version and I am sure that you will love Revit Architecture as much as I do, during we go forward with my Revit Tutorials. 


What Is New In Revit 2013?

Let's talk about Revit 2013 and all new features and improvements in Revit 2013

It is 2012 and finally Revit 2013 is on the market.  The architects and the engineers can get the taste of all new features and improvements in Autodesk Revit 2013.  When I look back about 11 years ago, Revit was not the application that you would decide to renew your licensing for it gain.  It was a miserable 3D application for engineers.  I remember I could never leave my work place without crashes and loses of my latest changes in my projects.  I could never imagine that Revit would come so far and make it one of the most powerful BIM applications for the architects and engineers.  It was never imaginable Revit solutions for the Architecture, MEP, and Structure 11 years ago, before Autodesk took over the Revit development.  Today, it is unimaginable to see architects and engineers living without Revit solutions in their offices.